Contributing to py3c

If you would like to contribute to py3c, be it code, documentation, suggestions, or anything else, please file an issue or send a pull request at the project’s Github page.

If you are not familiar with Github, or prefer not to use it, you can e-mail contributions to encukou at gmail dot com.


Automatic testing is set up at Travis CI:

Build status

To test the code locally, you can run (using GNU make):

$ make test

This will test py3c against python2 and python3. To test under a different interpreter, run for example:

$ make test-python35


To install system-wide (for example, if you are a distro packager), use make install. There are no configure/compile steps for this header-only library.

The install target honors GNU standard environment variables to specify installation directories.

Building the Docs

To build the docs, you need Sphinx. If it’s not in your system’s package manager, it can be installed with:

$ pip install --user sphinx

To build the HTML documentation, do:

$ make doc

For more docs options, run make in the doc directory.